About Jeff Kauffman Art Shop

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About Jeff Kauffman Art Shop

Jeff Kauffman Art Shop is an online store where you can buy artwork and publications created by photographer Jeff Kauffman. Check back often for new products.

The art prints offered in this store are open editions, 13×19 inches or smaller. For large art prints, limited editions, and art licensing, please consider the agencies on the Buy Art page at Jeff Kauffman Photography.

For custom art, especially corporate art and hospitality art projects, please contact Jeff to discuss your requirements.

Have fun and fill your life with art!

Artist Bio

Jeff Kauffman is a photographic artist working in Austin, Texas, having grown up in rural Pennsylvania in the 1960s and 70s. After earning a computer science degree from Penn State University, Jeff moved to Washington DC — and later to Austin TX – to build a career in software engineering. His photography interests began at the Washington School of Photography and continued at Santa Fe Workshops. He developed his photography skills while working as an information technology consultant. 

In compelling compositions, Jeff’s photography shows an interpretive view of his subjects, presenting lines, structure, character, and sometimes weirdness. His work has appeared worldwide in publications, art festivals, and commercial venues.

About Top Light Media LLC

Top Light Media LLC is a visual media company headquartered in Austin, Texas USA. The company owns and produces Jeff Kauffman Art Shop, Jeff Kauffman Photography, and Showable Art Magazine.